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  • Long distance driving in an electric car

    Planning for a long-distance drive in your electric car doesn’t have to be a headache. Here’s everything you should consider before you set off.

    Advice 2 days ago

  • DVLA: which services can I access online?

    Find out how you could save time by using DVLA's online services.

    Advice 1 month ago

  • How to part exchange your car on Auto Trader

    Part exchanging your car through Auto Trader is simple and can be done in four easy steps. Find out more about how to part-ex in our guide.

    Advice 1 month ago

  • What is part exchange for cars?

    Learn more about part exchange – what it means, how part-ex works for cars, and how to prepare your car for a part-exchange.

    Advice 1 month ago

  • Electric cars in winter

    How will an electric car cope in snow, on ice, or driving through flooded patches?

    Advice 2 months ago

  • What is an electric car and how does it work?

    Find the answers to all your electric car-related questions, from ‘what is an electric vehicle’ to ‘how EVs work’ and ‘are electric cars automatic’.

    Advice 2 months ago

  • Tyre sizes explained

    Are you one of the many Brits that doesn’t have a clue how to check your tyre size? Or maybe you just can’t quite remember what all the different...

    Advice 2 months ago

  • What is a convertible?

    Learn about the different types of convertible car and their pros and cons in this article.

    Advice 3 months ago

  • ULEZ compliant cars: October 2021 update

    London’s ULEZ has expanded and more UK cities are adopting low emission zones. Find out what this means for you and find ULEZ compliant cars for sale.

    Advice 3 months ago

  • What is a hatchback?

    Learn the meaning of the term 'hatchback', the different types, and which is right for you in this article.

    Advice 3 months ago

  • What are ESP and traction control?

    Your guide to what ESP and Traction Control (TC) mean, and what the differences between each are.

    Advice 3 months ago

  • What is an SUV?

    SUVs, otherwise known as Sports Utility Vehicles, are amongst the most popular body types in the UK. But what are they, and are they right for you?

    Advice 3 months ago

  • Green number plates 2021 update

    What are green number plates and do you need one if you buy an electric car? Our guide covers it all.

    Advice 4 months ago

  • Insurance write off categories

    Everything you need to know about write off category vehicles, including whether you can buy or sell a write off and what Cat A, Cat B, Cat S and...

    Advice 5 months ago

  • The UK number plate system explained (2021)

    UK green number plates and annual number plate changes explained. Find the age of a second-hand car using the number plate, the best time to buy a...

    Advice 5 months ago

  • Can you use your phone and sat nav while driving in UK

    What are the UK laws when it comes to using your phone while driving? Can you use your phone as a sat nav? Where can you legally place your sat nav...

    Advice 6 months ago

  • Charging An Electric Car With No Driveway

    No driveway? No worries! Here’s how you can charge your electric car without a home charger wallbox.

    Advice 6 months ago

  • What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

    The last thing a dealer does before you accept your new car is to inspect it. But what is included? And what happens if it reveals any problems?

    Advice 6 months ago

  • Electric Car Charging Points: Charging On The Go

    How would you charge an electric car on a roadtrip? Here’s where you can charge your car when out and about, how much it’ll cost, how you should...

    Advice 7 months ago

  • Are all new cars identical underneath?

    With so many new cars being based on the same platform, we ask whether all new cars now basically identical under their fancy bodywork?

    Advice 7 months ago

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